portatour® route-planning for sales reps saves time

portatour® is a software for route-planning and route-optimization for field sales force and sales reps. Our mission is helping sales reps optimizing their routes and calling more customers. It's a fascinating task to optimize sales routes - first we have to know a lot about how sales reps, consultants, and service team members work. How do they plan their routes, which customers are prioritized, when is a customer urgent to call, how do you reach your sales goals, what is a good sales strategy, what is an optimal route that both saves mileage and increases revenue. Second, we are building the high-performance portatour server farm to calculate these optimized sales routes. The team consists of computer scientist who constantly find better ways to calculate these routes in less and less time. For sales reps out there, optimizing a route used to take many hours, ususally on Sunday evening. Now portatour does that in seconds.

What apps are you using?

We use cloud apps for marketing projects, where the end result is going to be public and we can use low-security cloud apps. Our high privacy and security standards restrict our use of external cloud apps for anything more sensitive.

How has Refinder helped you doing so?

We exchange tasks and documents with marketing and creative freelancers. Refinder helped us to keep track of them and increased the quality of our marketing activities. It saved us a lot of time already so that portatour can save time for sales reps. Thank you!


CEO Matthias Grünberger from portatour® submitted this story to us.